This is why a gallery wall should be your next interior venture

Serving as an invitation to explore the perceptions, inner thoughts, moods and obsessions of the homeowner who put them there, a gallery wall is the ultimate form of self-expression. The maker should employ a menagerie of paintings, prints, photographs and illustrations that, when arranged in close proximity to one another, will start conversations, induce emotions and create influence. This multi-faceted focal point is best expressed when the arranger plays with shape, scale, texture and dimension to create a veritable visual feast.

This is how to recreate the look at home…

Clockwise from top left:
Banana leaves print from Trenzseater
Finn the Shark by Mr Pinchy & Co from Trenzseater
3 balls blown glass by Vanessa Mitrani from David Shaw
The Art of Escape, 2017 by Hannah Nowlan
David Head by Eichholtz from Trenzseater
Things look different this time round acrylic and pastel on canvas by Bridie Gillman
Bash vessel by Tom Dixon from ECC
Perch Light wall by Umut Yamac for Moooi from ECC
Sisterhood, 2017 by Christiane Spangsberg
Mrs P by Melissa Young from The Poi Room
Brera mirror by Skultuna from Simon James Design
Kashima 620 light by Astro Lighting from ECC


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