Explore the epic Malibu house that featured in Tom Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’

Tom Ford’s heightened aesthetic sensibilities have undoubtedly transposed into his career as an auteur. His most recent piece of cinema, Nocturnal Animals, was no less visually-intoxicating than expected — fully saturated with a heady backdrop that toggled between a Koons-festooned Beverly Hills home and an arid stretch of Texan dessert, the former being what stole the show. Supposedly the home of gallerist and curator Susan Morrow (Amy Adams), the heavy, hard-edged Malibu home was designed by Scott Mitchell Studio — the same firm that conceived that setting for the celebrated Nobu restaurant down the road. Long corridors and building materials that seldom deviate from glass and concrete set the stage for Adams’ isolated character. While much of the furniture was substituted in favour of darker components and a hefty smattering of contemporary art, as you see it here in the images in the home’s everyday state, lighter textiles and large glass windows make this a perfectly modern beachside abode.


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