1. Ultramarine Blue
2. E. von Dadelszen
3. Peacock Armchair
4. Yves Klein Blue Table
5. Cloak Cabinet
6. Noble & Savage Tea
7. Fin Light Round
Anthropometrie 'Le Buffle' by Yves Klein

Chasing the Blues

How do you invent a colour? It seems like an almost philosophical question, but in 1961, that’s exactly what controversial French artist Yves Klein did. A vivid ultramarine first seen in his monochromatic works — many that involved paint-smeared nude women using their bodies as ‘human paintbrushes’ in public exhibitions — the brazen, eponymous blue has been a darling of the design world ever since.

Inspired by the bold pigment and the man behind it, we take a look at some of the finest Yves Klein blue accents in town.

1. Ultramarine blue paint pigment. Available from Drikolor.
2. E. von Dadelszen shirt. Available from E. von Dadelszen.
3. Peacock armchair by DROR. Available from Matisse.
4. Yves Klein table by Yves Klein. Available from Design 55.
5. Cloak Cabinet by Emma Fox Derwin. Available from Backhouse.
6. Colonial Breakfast Tea by Noble & Savage. Available from Simon James Design.
7. Fin Light Round by Tom Dixon. Available from ECC.


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