Bright ideas on how to transform your kids’ rooms into a space they’ll love

With the summer holidays on the horizon, there comes the opportunity to revisit the kids’ natural habitat and faithful refuge — their bedroom. Thankfully, the paint maestros at Resene have a slew of bright ideas at the ready so we jumped the gun to deliver some of our favourites.

The Fade
Move over balayage for the hair, we’re talking about balayage for the interior. For those tough decisions like which colour to paint one’s room, the choice can be made just that little bit easier when you have the option of using two colours instead of just one. A fun excuse to experiment with colour and texture, this fade effect is a lively way to introduce a brighter hue to the home. Using Resene’s contrasting Point Break and Ruby Tuesday paints, the colour match is a gender-neutral solution sure to please the poppets. If the little Miss or Mister is particularly fond of purple, or green or pink, however, fear not — there’s plenty of room to play. More info here.

Writing’s On The Wall
We’ve all had it happen; kids who take their creative licences to new heights by putting crayon, or worse, felt — or worse, vivid — to wall and scrawling their innermost musings. Well, Resene has a solution and it doesn’t mean changing your decor either. Their Write-On Wall Paint is a clear coating that is layered over top of your existing paint… after which the kids can use whiteboard markers to scrawl until their heart’s content. All that’s needed is a soft cloth or whiteboard eraser to get it off. Young Shakespeare’s can eat their heart out.  More info here.

Make it Magnetic
The world is your oyster when magnets are involved and with Resene’s new Magnetic Coating, any wall is fair game. Loaded with iron oxides, the product boasts double the ‘attraction’ of existing coatings of the same kind meaning that all magnets will stick with ease once the area at play is dry and cured. You can definitely opt to go a hundy and use this finishing on all four walls, but the experts suggest demarcating a spot using some type of frame and allowing the kids to go magnet crazy. More info here

Who doesn’t want to be on cloud nine when their head hits the pillow? A cute way to achieve a dreamy feature wall is to use Resene’s ‘Cotton Wool’ stencils repeatedly on one wall. Try using Resene Alabaster white clouds on a base wall of Resene Anakiwa or Resene Altitude for something more subtle.

For more greats ideas for kids’ rooms, visit the Resene website here


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