Update your interior with one of these luxuriously textural rugs

Entirely handcrafted in India, these natural rugs are timeless, contemporary floor furnishings.

There is something to be said about rugs. We know, a rather broad statement, but they have the ability to entirely alter an interior. From the texture to the tone, choosing a versatile and complementary style is imperative. By keeping it au naturel, a blank canvas is created, paving way for you to have fun with your other interior decorating. A new collection from Artisan Flooring, using thick, natural fibres does just this.

Hand-crafted in India using materials such as wool, jute and cotton, the range is available in a myriad of styles and colours to suit any partiality, but it is the muted tones and textures that we find ourselves lusting after. By choosing from plant-based fibres such as jute, not only does it offer subtlety, but an organic feel, as though the outdoors have been brought in. A simple and contemporary way to add texture and depth to one’s interior, we suggest you invest in a natural rug for a timeless, abiding floor furnishing.

Artisan Flooring

31A Normanby Rd
Mt Eden

(09) 302 2499



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