The Friday Feed: Yung Jake

When LA-based artist-rapper-internet personality Yung Jake was asked for an interview with Complex Magazine, he agreed, on one condition — it had to be done via text. About as Generation WHY as it gets, it seemed like a bizarre request to us at first, but as we learnt a little more about the multi-hyphenate and his intriguing Emoji art, we got it… sort of. Exploring the space where technology and art coexist, Jake claims to have been “born on the internet” and builds his celebrity portraits from thousands of the tiny wee pictures. With images of all Hollywood’s cool cats like Pharrell and Kimmy K who he counts as friends, as well as cult favourite Larry David and the President-elect himself, whether you like it or hate it, there’s no denying his emoji-infused art which you can peruse here, is impressive.


i forgot to post this while it was relevant #bonezone

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ny go vote today!!

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