Win two tickets to this epic, one-night-only production showcasing the music of The Beatles

Poised to be the ultimate celebration of The Beatles and their era-defining songs, All You Need Is Love will be a musical production like no other. Inspired by the joyous melody of the same name written by The Beatles in 1967, All You Need Is Love will honour the significance of this group’s music in kind, drawing a number of acclaimed musicians and singers — including Jack Jones, Ciaran Gribbin and Rai Thistlewayte — to take to the stage with support from the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra.

The production will see 30 incredible renditions of iconic songs like Yellow Submarine, Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Yesterday, in a unique symphonic-rock hybrid sound that is sure to rouse memories and capture imaginations.

All You Need Is Love is set to attract significant demand and considering the fact that it will only be on for one night, we are giving one lucky Denizen the chance to win two tickets to the epic production, taking place at the Aotea Centre’s ASB Theatre on Sunday 28th July at 7:30pm. To enter, click here. For more information, and to buy tickets, click here.


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