What Brad Pitt eats

Lovers of Hollywood hunks and hedonistic foods rejoice! Fat Brad a new cookbook inspired by Brad Pitt’s onscreen eating habits is here and dishing out the recipes to some of the main man’s most memorable film meals. From the ‘breakfast’ his now-ex Angelina literally threw together in Mr and Mrs Smith, to the game bird and taters he gobbled down in Snatch and Tyler Durden’s semi-revolting Fight Club seafood bisque, Pitt-heads can indulge in all of their boy Bradley’s onscreen cuisines. ‘Part fan fantasy, part filmic study’ as publishers Long Prawn put it, we’re not sure how the blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe manages to consume such horrendously bad bites and still maintain his Adonis-esque physique. But hey, we’re into it.


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