Waterlight Graffiti is the art installation inviting you to create ‘lit’ masterpieces

Public art installations are so hot right now.

As Paris Hilton might say, public art installations are so hot right now. Which is why Aucklanders ought to know about the interactive project set to grace Aotea Square. Entitled Waterlight Graffiti, the dynamic installation by French artist Antonin Fourneau is set to light up central Auckland from 3rd August.

The critically acclaimed project has arrived directly from a season at the EPM Water Museum in Colombia, the first time it has made it anywhere near the antipodes after visiting events such as Light Night Leeds, and New York Design Week. It’s comprised of a large street art screen made up of thousands of LED lights which illuminate when they come into contact with water. Using a tool of their choice, visitors can sketch or draw directly onto the screen, which lights up in response.

At once eco-friendly, playful and unique, Waterlight Graffiti is the perfect excuse to create some ‘lit’ masterpieces. As well as exhibiting the work, Fourneau will be running workshops at AUT and Semi Permanent, sharing his insights into the creative, design and development process of the work.

Waterlight Graffiti will be open every day from 3rd-21st August until 10.30pm. For more information, click here


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