Viaduct Harbour gets an Instagram-worthy art installation just in time for Christmas

Channelling the festive spirit in the best way they know how, waterfront precinct Viaduct Harbour has unveiled an awe-inspiring public art installation that is worth paying a visit. Overseen by renowned light artist Angus Muir, the new instalment is taking over the Market Square Spacecube (located outside HeadQuarters) and sees two light works presented for ample viewing (and Instagramming) pleasure.

The first, visible from the lower end of Nelson Street, is a work by young artist and spacial designer Harris Keenan. Entitled ‘Angel Under The Clouds’, the sprawling, illuminated wings not only serve as a glowing backdrop on which to take one’s photo but as a symbolic retreat from the often stressful festive period too. The second installation, completed by Muir himself, is aptly called a ‘Kaleidoscopic Christmas’ whereby certain viewing points looking into the Spacecube give way to prismatic light shows visible by only one person at a time.

Playing on various themes, from the idea of strength and relief to the moment of surprise and delight offered by a traditional advent calendar, this luminescent installation is lending the Viaduct Harbour an element of whimsy in the lead-up to December 25th.


Market Square
Viaduct Harbour


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