Tulum’s breathtaking answer to the Guggenheim has just opened

Conceived by designer Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel, a former painter with no specific background in architecture and Rumeny Guggenheim, the great-grandson of Peggy Guggenheim, this incredibly intricate and earthy new arts and cultural space is offering a unique experience in the heart of Tulum. Erected on Sterkel’s eco-resort, Azulik — despite its prolific use of timber, no trees were cut during construction — IK Lab sits on stilts so as to allow the surrounding wildlife to pass, unaffected.

Walls of vines cause natural, speckled light to filter onto the distinctive walkways and curved interiors, while the twisting, undulating floors and doorways create the sense that this is, in many ways, an anti-gallery — far removed from the clean lines and neutral colours that frame most art spaces of today.

Having recently opened its first exhibition, future plans for IK Lab include utilising it for art workshops for local children, as well as it becoming a multidisciplinary residency space for aspiring artists, fashion designers, chefs, musicians and more.


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