This exhilarating dance show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Don't be surprised when floors spurt water and walls collapse.

Not often do we see a live music gig cum art gallery cum theatre, dance and film. But new production Rushes, presented by Auckland Live, is set to change all that. Recalibrating our expectations for dance theatre, the enthralling experience, directed by ex-art director and choreographer of the World of Wearable Art Awards Malia Johnston in collaboration with visual artist Rowan Pierce, allows the audience to be involved in various different ways.

Attendees are encouraged to walk through 11 rooms which will have over 25 dancers and musicians pass through them. With some amazing visual effects and live music from Eden Mulholland, don’t be surprised when floors spurt water, walls collapse, and a single performer consumes a whole room with her red dress.

Not wanting to give it all away, at Rushes you can be a voyeur by standing and watching, or, choose to really immerse yourself in the seriously engaging affair. If you loved Nederlands Dans Theater, you’re bound to love this.

Check out the rehearsal video below.

Rushes is on from 21st-25th February at the Aotea Centre. Purchase your tickets here


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