There’s an App for that

Enlist the help of these essential apps that promise to elevate your daily life and keep you firmly at the mercy of your smartphone.

1. Aroundme
Whether you require the bar nearest to you for an impromptu catch up, or you desperately need to find the closest cash machine, this time- saving app makes searching for what’s around you a breeze. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

2. K Fit
The app version of your fitster friend who knows when all the best exercise classes are on, K Fit is your monthly access card to hundreds of gyms and classes all over the city. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

3. Daily Art
Endeavouring to enlighten you one masterpiece at a time, DailyArt is a once a day ‘proverbial shot of espresso to awaken the inner culture vulture in you’. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

4. Gallery Doctor
The only app entrusted with the task of deleting repetitive photos, blurry snaps or ones taken in bad lighting, freeing up valuable storage space on your phone. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

5. Maps.Me
With no Internet connection needed, Maps.Me lets you access fully detailed ground plans of practically every location on the globe; from tiny villages to large cities, sans grey squares or glitches while zooming in and out. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

6. Runpee
Ensuring you never miss any crucial plot twists, exciting action or laugh-out-loud moments when at the cinema, this vibrating app gives you 3-5 minute-long ideal moments to run to the loo. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

7. Hotel My Phone
Relieving you from dwindling battery panic, Hotel My Phone lets you ‘check in’ to a friend’s phone and use it as your own. Simply log in and access your messages and even make calls with your own number. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

8. Plane Finder
The aviation ally you never knew you needed, Plane Finder will let you track the progress of flights in the sky in real time by simply holding your phone up to the plane as it passes overhead. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

9. Transferwise
Banishing hidden bank charges when you send money overseas, TransferWise converts at the mid- market rate and matches you with people sending cash in the other direction to keep costs low. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

10. Vivino
Never pick another bad wine again. Simply open the app, snap the label and gain immediate access to reviews, ratings and prices that will lead you to the delectable drop you seek. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

11. Wakie
Reinventing the alarm clock, Wakie connects you to a community of people waking each other up in the morning. Start your day with the cheery voice of a stranger instead of a frown. Available on iTunes and Google Play.


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