The Friday Feed: C_Slice

Buttery biscuit base smothered in sticky caramel with a thick chocolate icing — we have big love for the humble caramel slice. But nothing, it would seem, to compare to that of our Instagrammer of the week, @c_slice_‘s obsession. A guy or girl (we’re not sure) on the hunt for New Zealand’s most epic caramel slice, the sweet-toothed social media star claims to have chomped through more than 1500 of the classic treats to bring us ‘the cold hard truth’ on the local slice scene. Reviewing bakeries nationwide, no one is safe from c_slice_’s critical gaze, with one poor shop told to “borrow a recipe from one of our better reviews and get with the c slice times.” Passionate and dedicated, rounding off each review with a catchy #youvebeensliced,  c_slice_ is a force to be reckoned with.


C slice @catrouxcafe edition. Wow, presentation was really special, good Ratio of base to caramel. Now as we dive deeper, the caramel was really good. Not too sweet and just the right amount of caramelness. The base was chewy with a bit of grain and a tasty flavour. Which leaves the top to complete our package… Not quite sure what is going on here. Almost like a bitter dark chocolate powder? Now apart from smearing on the bottom of my nose it was quite overpowering. On its own a great flavour but tied up as part of the whole slice not so much. Like coming out a bit strong in a marathon- Setting yourself up for a hard finish… And a hard call for the judge. I’m on the fence with this one. I’m throwing an 8.5/10 at it, with potential of being at least a 9 with a different top. Food for thought. An opinion only. #cslice #youvebeencsliced

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