The Friday Feed: Shavaunna

The stuff that childhood night terrors are made of, @shavaunna, the purple haired, body-less barbie is the Instagram account drawing our intrigue this Friday. We don’t know what it is about this decapitated doll that initially captured our attention, but we simply can’t look away. The gal gets around, hanging out with Snoop at the wax museum one day, checking out the gun show the next. Seriously, if Shazza had a whole body rather than just a pair of hands spurting out of the hole where her neck should sit, the girl would dominate.

Possibly a social commentary on the unrealistic expectations placed on women’s bodies by the modern world or maybe just a toy some kid attacked with scissors, Shavaunna is a star with over 10,000 followers watching her every move. This disembodied babe is our one to watch this week.


Lexis and Kenya ate the melon meat and filled the cavity with water so I could swim in it

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