4 must-have tech gadgets for the pet-obsessed

Pet owners are inherently obsessed with their four-legged pals. Here we bring you four gadgets that will make your ever-strong relationship rock solid. Can we get ‘woof woof’?

1. Pet Chatz
Like FaceTime but exclusively for your dog, PetChatz is a pet daycare system that allows you to see and talk to Fido via computer or smartphone. At the touch of a button, you can give them a treat while another button allows your canine to call you — we jest not — it’s the best way to guarantee yourself a happy hound.

Pet Chatz

2. Pebby
Doing long-distance with your pup is now a walk in the park thanks to a robotic pet sitter that is revolutionising the way you interact with your four-legged friend when they’re left at home alone. Pebby is a sphere-shaped roaming monitor that can be controlled two ways; by the app on your smartphone or by following your loved one around using a tracker attached to his/her collar. The device also doubles as a fitness tracker to ensure they’re taking enough steps.

3. Kyon
Happy people have happy pets, which is why the Kyon mood tracker is vital for any pup-centric household. Using what’s called a ‘9-axis accelerometer’, the device’s ‘Sense’ technology uses unique algorithms to interpret your pets’ needs, informing you if your little one is happy or feeling a bit off. Alerting you in advance when he or she needs attention, you can rest assured that your four-legged friends will be anything but distressed.


4. iFetch
‘For any dog who is motivated by fetch’, this is the gadget to wear them out. The contraption is a low-set ball launcher, into which your pet can feed a ball. A few seconds later, the mini machine will launch it again — you can set it either 10, 20 or 30 feet — and so on and so forth. Proven to take only a couple of hours to master, it’s a saving grace on rainy days or occasions when you just don’t have a chance to take your mate out for proper exercise.


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