Take a look inside LA’s kaleidoscopic Museum of Ice Cream

A pastel smothered backdrop that could keep your feed looking *lit* for a year.

It’s been all the rage on Instagram of late; a life-size pool filled to the brim with (fake) ice cream sprinkles, adorned with a pink diving board and inflatable toys. It’s a modern day version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with less purple and a lot more Millenial Pink. It’s the Museum of Ice Cream and if you weren’t already aware, it’s currently taking over downtown LA.

More fanciful than it is educational, the pop-up is not just a pilgrimage for ice cream lovers, it also serves as a pastel smothered, pop-culture backdrop that could keep your feed looking *lit* for a year. With a dedicated Telephone Room, Banana Room, Gummy Bear Room, Sherbert Room, Sprinkle Pool, Gift Shop and more, it’s a sweet tooth’s dream. No wonder tickets sold out within all of about five minutes.

Originally destined to grace the City of Angels from mid-April through May of 2017, the Museum has since announced that it will stay in situ until at least August meaning that fans and visitors can indulge when the dog days really set in.


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