A broad spectrum line-up of summer reads worth taking to the beach

Put the sizzle in your summer reading repertoire with this broad-spectrum line-up of the best new book releases.

Life In Code by Ellen Ullman
Ullman has lived and worked inside the rising culture of technology; the adoption of the internet, the development of artificial intelligence, and the ubiquity of unimaginably powerful computers. Here she tells the continuing story of the changes to our economy and society through her unique, expert perspective.

Selfie by Will Storr
There’s a fine line between healthy self-esteem and full-blown narcissism, and Generation Y is certainly treading it. Will Storr goes about examining the idea of the ‘right amount’ of self-love by assessing the mental health of various actual characters from different walks of life. It’s thoughtful, engaging and very ‘right now’.

My Soul Looks Back by Jessica B. Harris
This is a memoir about the author’s youth spent in New York City alongside Maya Angelou, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison in the early 1970s. Harris reflects intimately on her friendships with these fascinatingly seminal individuals, capturing an era that was abundant with creativity, art, activism and intellectual life.

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
From the man who brought us the cult novel, Crazy Rich Asians (which is currently being transposed onto the big screen) comes the trilogy’s hotly-anticipated third instalment. An addictive novel that follows the long-buried secrets of a family driven by fortune, you’ll enjoy a whole lot of drama and many LOL moments as you delve into Asia’s upper crust.   

Touch by Courtney Maum
This book is enough to make you rethink your reliance on the digital world; Sloane Jacobsen, a trend forecaster hired to head a tech conference celebrating childlessness, soon begins to sense that the next movement will be shunning electronics in favour of in-person connection. She takes a huge professional risk to defend this idea.

Eat Only When You’re Hungry by Lindsay Hunter
An overweight, 58-year-old man rents an RV and drives from West Virginia to Florida in search of his missing addict son. Along the way, he realises that his excessive eating and drinking may not be so different from his son’s addictions and must grapple with his past failings as a parent and a husband.

All titles are available from any good bookseller. 


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