Could this seriously be the airport runway of the future?

Demand for air travel is set to double over the next two decades and one of the biggest obstacles is take-off and landing capacity. In a plight to increase airport efficiency, Dutch scientist Henk Hesselink has come up with ‘The Endless Runway’ — a round runway concept that is 3.5km in diameter and anchored by a central terminal. With enough space for three planes to take off simultaneously, it would occupy a third of the space of a conventional airport while handling four times the traffic. The pièce de résistance of the novel design is the fact that there would always be a point for planes to land without a crosswind. The flat of the runway would be tilted at several degrees to help create a centrifugal force, and while there are plenty of limitations to this particular design, there is no denying this is a great solution for airports to circumvent exponential increases in traffic.


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