3 things to know before attending the most talked-about show of the moment

A fortnight ago, the Lucy Lawless-headlined production, Pleasuredome, swung onto Auckland’s theatre scene via the unlikely borough of Avondale. Since then, it has garnered a must-see status for its innovative setting and ultra-fun atmosphere. So if you already have tickets, well done. (If you don’t, you can buy them here.) Either way, before you go, it’s worth knowing the following:

1. Go early to enjoy the set
On the drive out to Avondale, you might ponder what to expect: the answer is a set worth going for alone. As you walk into a modern-looking office building, you’ll find yourself ‘hopping onto the subway’, entering into another world uncannily like the streets of New York during the 1980s. Street performers doing their thing amongst the smoky grills and real-life puddles and you can purchase fodder from hot dog carts, doughnuts stands and popcorn purveyors. You’ll want to stock up before entering into the nightclub that is the Pleasuredome — a lofty warehouse space that is where it all unfolds.

2. Don’t worry about getting dressed up
While we’re all for getting involved for the sake of immersive art, don’t stress if you don’t have your 80s garb down pat. You definitely won’t feel out of place. Although, when the DJ starts playing that contagious Soul music and the action begins to unfold, you definitely might be sorry you didn’t try harder.

3. Keep Your Eyes on The DJ
While Lucy Lawless is officially the star of the show — Pleasuredome’s number one booze hag protagonist — our favourite character has to be the quintessential, afro-coiffed 80s DJ positioned above the entrance. His amazing charisma takes you back to the hedonistic days of a roller disco and we love everything about it.


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