From fascinating food to a serial conman, 4 new podcasts you should start listening to

Podcasts are fast becoming (if they’re not already) the new television. And as the vast landscape of shows continues to expand, virtually any topic has become fair game for the medium. From celebrities conversing to true crime explorations to quirky, niche interests, podcasts offer a rich spectrum of stories about the human condition, all accessible for free at the touch of a button.

Helping you to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were, we thought we’d outline four relative newcomers to the podcast-sphere that we currently can’t get enough of.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Everyone’s favourite funnyman and talk show host tackles his new podcast with characteristic irreverence and wit. Bringing on a raft of guests for conversations around how the two met and what their friendship status currently is, the line-up so far includes the likes of Stephen Colbert, Adam Sandler, Nick Offerman, Kristen Bell and Jeff Goldblum (whose episode is a definite highlight).

Who The Hell Is Hamish?
We would be remiss to leave out the latest true crime sensation sweeping the podcast world. This time, the fascinating story of a serial conman takes us into the life and crimes of a Sydney surfer with a particular set of skills that allowed him to take on a number of different personas, evade authorities for years and steal tens of millions of dollars.

The Ron Burgundy Podcast
Because why shouldn’t fictional characters capitalise on the podcast boom too? Ron Burgundy (Will Farrell’s perpetually quotable role from the Anchorman films) stumbles his way through the podcast format with the expected hijinks and blunders. Exploring a wide range of topics (the first episode is called ‘True Crime’) Farrell’s hilarious rambling reminds us why Burgundy is a character we can never fully let go of.

Fascinated by food? This intriguing podcast explores the weird and wonderful backstories behind some of our favourite foods and drinks. It’s not a recipe show. Rather it asks things like ‘where do food cravings come from?’ ‘what’s the deal with ketchup?’ and ‘where did Tiki cocktails originate?’


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