Allow Nespresso to introduce you to the women behind your morning brew

When it comes to coffee, for most of us, our knowledge begins and ends with the fact that we know we need our cup of joe every morning in order to function efficiently. But thanks to the new Women In Coffee campaign from Nespresso, we’re learning more about the origins, farming process and, most importantly, the inspiring Ethiopian women who are at the helm of our favourite caffeinated drink.

With a strong focus on gender equality, the Women In Coffee alliance celebrates and empowers women agronomists, the experts in coffee farming that are creating the rise of sustainably grown, high-quality coffee through their training programmes with fellow farmers. But their positive impact doesn’t end there. Lending their knowledge and techniques to others around them, these women are creating an unprecedented positive impact, from their effect on the agricultural gender pay gap to the benefits their work has on their respective communities.

Meet Adanech, for example. A passionate and hardworking coffee agronomist, the Aleta Wondo resident has not only given other female farmers confidence to succeed but with her new-found income has found new ways to support her young daughters and put them through schooling. Thanks to 32-year-old Abinet Delume and her skilled training initiatives, her farming protégées are now producing such incredible coffee that their co-operative has been able to invest in community projects, including classrooms for the local children.

The epitome of female empowerment, Adanech and Abinet are just two examples of the myriad of wonderful women that are making a difference to both their communities and to the future of coffee. With sustainability and gender equality at its helm, Nespresso brings these wonderful women to the forefront of our attention with their Ethiopia collection, a tribute to its creators with a delectable blend of floral flavours. Next time we’re sipping on our morning Nespresso shot, at least we now know who to thank.


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