Need break-up advice? This expert app will give you all the answers

When a girl’s written a book called Textbook Romance, you’d think she would know a thing or two about relationships. And, thus, how to end relationships. This is exactly where Zoë Foster Blake’s expertise lies.

The next natural step for the Australian author, who was Cosmopolitan‘s relationship advice guru for a decade (and who has also had her own heart broken on numerous occasions) was to build an app. Enter the Break-up Boss, an effective tool to help the broken hearted get through the down-and-out period of ending a relationship — most importantly, with their dignity intact.

With the tag-line “Break-ups suck. But you don’t have to suck at break-ups,” the app serves as a pocket coach for the hideous post-relationship period, with advice that refreshingly stems from Foster Blake’s own ‘shit’ experience. The various stages are broken down and dealt with accordingly, including times when you feel like calling your ex. (Solution: have another shot of Tequila.)

With the aim of saving you from complete humiliation and getting you through your break-up with more self-confidence than ever, if heartbreak is the story of your life, then we suggest you let this Break-up Boss be your doctor.

Click here to visit the app store. 


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