Film: City of Gold

Likening his profession to the “fat man’s Bourne Identity”...

The subject of this heart-warming documentary is legendary Los Angeles food critic and Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Gold, who takes the film’s director on a tour of the sprawling American West Coast city’s bounty of culinary offerings. Likening his profession to the “fat man’s Bourne Identity”, the journey that is Gold’s endeavour to find truly authentic and delicious food is one that sees him using untraceable cell phones to call and make reservations in order to ensure that restaurateurs don’t know he’s coming.

What becomes evident is the respect that this humble food writer has amassed over the course of his career, frequenting everything from chic Beverly Hills eateries to taco trucks and suburban strip mall joints. City of Gold is a must for gourmands and those intrigued by the immense cultural diversity that constitutes L.A.’s identity.


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