Maximum Volume

Ray Haydon's latest collection explores the boundaries of sculptural form.

Renowned for his aptitude in creating the amazing wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures that have been coveted by many, Ray Haydon’s latest collection of works, christened Volume, is set to be exhibited this month at the Sanderson gallery.

With a significant element of engineering finesse involved in the creation of his amazing pieces, the Auckland based sculptor is known to incorporate methods derived from boat building, jewellery design, model making and fine furniture construction in his work. The most recent of his oeuvre, further utilises his accomplished dexterity, having been hand-shaped from carbon fibre to allow for an unprecedented exploration of the boundaries of form.

The large-scale, curved sculptures can be supported by a single stem with the series ranging from table-top pieces to monumental outdoor kinetic works; the sinuous nature of the pieces more fluid than some of his previously hard-edged works. To look at the curling ribbon-like collection, it can be easy to overlook the calculated spacial precision that belies their construction. In turn, one can only appreciate the mastery at work here.

The exhibition has now finished.


2 Kent St

(09) 520 0501


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