It is literally raining tequila in Germany right now

One of winter’s most abhorrent traits is undoubtedly the rain it brings with it. With the ability to ruin our hair, outfits and attitudes in a single shower, the Mexican board of tourism is well aware of its wretched reputation and has decided to do something about it by creating a cloud that delivers a more enjoyable downpour — a ‘tequila cloud’. A rather curious endeavour, the alcohol seeping cloud was designed to tempt winter-soured Germans to book a vacation to Mexico over the colder months. Syncing the cumulus puff (that sits in a local creative space) with Berlin’s weather patterns, whenever it drizzles the cloud begins to rain tequila that visitors are more than welcome to sample. Using words like ‘ultrasonic’ and ‘vaporise’ to explain the technology behind the billowing booze, if we’re honest, we’re not really interested in how it works… but more on how we can give it a go.


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