Karley Feaver: Becoming Otherwise

This local artist’s creations might be surreal and unnerving, but that’s exactly what makes them so brilliant.

We’ve been fans of Karley Feaver for quite some time now, reacting to the artist’s otherworldly works with equal doses of shock and hilarity. Her pieces encourage you to look closer or take a second glance, as you determine whether it is what you think it is, or something else entirely.

Off the back of several successful group and solo exhibitions, Feaver will be showcasing her latest work at Auckland’s Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery from the 4th of July, as part of the gallery’s Autumn Season. And while a fascination with the exotic and a taste for all things bizarre is what initially spurred Feaver to toy with the topic of taxidermy, it’s more complex concepts such as transformation and adaptation that provide the true grunt behind this most recent series, ‘Becoming Otherwise’. Each new piece brings the image of beauty to the edge of absurdity, and we’re rather excited about seeing this latest lot of beady-eyed exotica, festooned in every way, shape and form. The exhibition is definitely a worthwhile one to attend, with both limited edition large scale photographs of Feaver’s work and her original taxidermy pieces available for purchase.

The exhibition has now finished.

Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery

Level 3
Saatchi & Saatchi Building
123 The Strand



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