Need to up your Instagram game? Here are 6 ways to improve your ‘story’

With the animated snaps requiring intense creativity, arm yourself with the following tricks to harness your inner artist.

1. Zoom Like a Professional
A smooth one-handed zoom can be achieved by dragging your thumb or finger upwards from the record button. Likewise, if you drag your thumb back down, it will zoom out.

2. Selfie Stickers
These are a must. First, you need to take a background snap or video in which you will insert an image of yourself. Then, hit the sticker button at the top of the screen and select the camera icon on the second row. Proceed to take a selfie. Use this to stretch and pin wherever takes your fancy — preferably as a God-like figure looking down from above.

3. The Full Spectrum
Want to add text but aren’t happy with the primitive colour selection? Or, do you just need to keep things on brand? Tap the ‘Aa’ button at the top and hold any colour down for an extended period. Drag your finger around to explore the full spectrum and select your custom shade.

4. Solid Background
When the occasion calls for a blank canvas, create a coloured background by taking a photo, tapping the pen icon on the top right-hand corner, selecting a colour, then tapping and holding the screen for a second or two until it is filled with a solid colour.

5. Text In multicolour
Why stick with one text colour when you can have two? After writing your amazing caption, just highlight the word or letters you want to make a different colour and choose from the palette. Ever considered a fade?

6. The undercover Boomerang
Have a snazzy new(ish) phone? Turn your live photos into Boomerangs by first uploading them (swipe up on the camera screen, pick the photo from your camera roll) then hard pressing on the screen. If you don’t like the Boomerang effect, press again to turn it back into a normal photo.


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