Why this Malian singer is one of our favourite performers of the moment

Based in France, stunning model Inna Modja, from Mali, is several things: a committed artist, a female genital mutilation survivor and an activist for Women’s Rights. She’s been standing up against female abuse for almost a decade now, having testified at the United Nations against the cruel practice she was herself subjected to. Discovered and encouraged by Malian superstar Salif Keita, the multi-talented Modja is carving out a unique path mixing the sounds of desert blues and hip hop tracks that lay the foundations for her hard-hitting lyrics. It’s no surprise that she’s now one of Mali’s most celebrated contemporary exports. Having recently graced the cover of Elle France, it’s worth taking a look into this empowering artist’s work, regardless of whether you plan to attend WOMAD or otherwise.

WOMAD is on this weekend at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth. 


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