The Friday Feed: Imaginary girlfriend

Getting that perfect couples snap can really be a challenge. A challenge no one knows better than @jinushikeisuke. Constantly updating his account with cutesy pics of him and his gal eating noodles, messing about or pashing on the reg, it’s not that his photos don’t look good, it’s just that he’s the only one in them. Forging his coupled-up pics for quite some time now by contorting his body into awkward angles, painting his nails or using wigs, dolls and props to create his imaginary leading lady, while we can’t decide if it is one of the cleverest or saddest things we’ve ever seen. What we can’t deny is his dedication.



A photo posted by @jinushikeisuke on


A photo posted by @jinushikeisuke on


A photo posted by @jinushikeisuke on


A photo posted by @jinushikeisuke on


A photo posted by @jinushikeisuke on



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