How to Google efficiently

Scratching the surface on how to use the generic search engine more competently.

As an institution so deeply ingrained in our everyday lives, we may as well learn to use it wisely. Here are some tips to make the most out of the perpetual quest in becoming well-informed.

Identify Something
Have a picture of a chair or a handbag and don’t know its name or who designed it? The answer is a simple drag and drop. Drag the image from your desktop or website into your Google image search bar, click ‘search’ and voila, the name and provenance will be revealed.

Quotation Marks
If searching for a specific quote or song lyric then use quotation marks around the words. Google will find the results containing the exact set of words without any change in order.

Get Specific
When you’re searching for later date Jaguar models, having the car’s animal namesake pop up in your image search is just plain irritating. Put a minus sign before the word you’d like to exclude (jaguar–animal) to keep it out of your search.

Find free downloads
Ever wanted an MP3 track but can’t find the right one to download? Google has several search tools that, when used together, can open the doors for you: ‘inurl’, ‘intitle’, and ‘filetype’.


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