How to (and how not to) behave at the office Christmas party

There’s been evidence to prove that the decorum displayed at the corporate Christmas function plays a considerable role in one’s future career. And while there’s plenty of truth to the undeniable cross-scrutiny of all present, no one wants to be stuck with an acrimonious bore. Heed the following tips on advised conduct at end-of-year functions.

1. Conversation
The holiday vibe is palpable and no one wants to talk about due diligence or be subject to hierarchical kowtowing. Employ your inner raconteur and steer the conversation towards something suitably light-hearted. Be cautious, however, not to take things to the realm of the disturbing – your affinity for exhibitionism is better left unsaid.

2. Romantic Pursuits
The office Christmas party is the environment that has ignited many a relationship, so now’s your time to throw your best moves at the apple of your workplace eye. It’s wise to engage the convivial attributes provided by the complimentary bar before acknowledging the ‘undeniable chemistry’ that’s been difficult to ignore these past few months.

3. Out-of-character Behaviour
Be aware that the office Christmas party is one of the only opportunities some people get to let their hair down. Those chained to the challenges of balancing work life and families are likely to be the first to ‘drop it low’ in front of the entire cohort of colleagues, and more likely than not, take over the karaoke machine with renditions of anything by Annie Lennox. Don’t judge – you never know the battles others are suffering.


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