Take a walk on the wild side with Allpress Studio’s new interactive exhibition

Hannah Jensen, the multi-disciplinary artist best known for her carved work, has taken over Allpress Studio with an interactive exhibition, WILD. The culmination of 15 years of dedication to her craft, Jensen utilises layers of paint and printmaking techniques to create the breathtaking, large-scale animal prints on display, capturing the untamed beauty of wild horses, Arctic mammals, Japanese cranes and African predators. The skillfully rendered animals are indeed both remarkable works of art and timely reminders of what we stand to lose if we continue to disregard the importance of their natural habitats. The immediacy of environmental issues is a strong presence in each piece.

The exhibition opens tonight and the artist herself will be on site every day until the 27th of April, so head down to watch her impressive carving in action and even have a go at it yourself. And with school holidays imminent, it’s the perfect activity to enthral the wee ones (especially with rain on the horizon).

Opening hours:
Monday until Friday, 7am – 3:30pm
Saturday, 10am-2pm

Allpress Studio

8 Drake Street
Freemans Bay



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