Two creatives combine their artistic talents at an intriguing new exhibition

Artistic collaboration is to be commended, especially when the two artists in question have distinctly different styles. As is the case with Grace Bader and Scrap Wall, who have joined forces on a new exhibition showing at Allpress Gallery from tonight. With Bader’s signature oil painting meeting Wall’s multi-media style, the duo describes the results as “sexy and dreamlike”. Intrigued? So are we. Head along to the opening from 5pm until 8pm tonight, and read on for an insight into Bader and Wall’s process when creating these new works.

Why did you decide to work together for this project? 
Grace Bader: The decision to work together and develop something came before the project. We sat around for hours just talking and laughing and discussing art, why we love it and what is important to us.
Scrap Wall: We were enjoying those discussions/debates and thought it would be interesting to see what would come of a merger. I think it’s challenging and exciting to reach into those places that force you to consider another perspective and see what comes from it. 

How would you each describe your own artistic styles? 
GB: I use a traditional medium which is very different to Scrap, however we both aim to explore the masculine and feminine, What is hard and what is soft — why are these things each as they are.  
SW: I don’t think I could accurately describe a particular style I adhere to but will agree we share common interests. I guess my work is often about a reduction. I like the way materials carry their own weight of association and enjoy questioning their context. I’m often drawn to the balance of the rough with the smooth and I think these works are quite a nice translation of that idea.

What forms do the finished pieces take in this exhibition? 
I am very proud that we have created 12 works which are a sort of sculptural painting.
SW: We’ve managed to translate our shared ideas into kinda sexy dreamlike forms that feel like paintings but definitely stand strong as objects.

What materials were used? 
GB: Glass, steel, brass, mirror, and of course oil paint.
SW: Yeah, a delicate and sometimes precarious balance of heavy and light. Equal parts oil paint, paper and light, countered with steel, brass and glass

Were you both inspired by the same sources or different ones? 
GB: Scrap and I share a love of art, authors, photographers, architects, of the natural world. I think we are very lucky to have that connection. Though the work is mostly inspired from the observation of each other I think. So yes, the same sources, with different and sometimes the same perspective. 
SW: Agreed, but also by the process. We love sharing ideas and working together. We’re lucky to have an amazing community of artists, designers, makers and incredible technicians as friends and collaborators. Sharing ideas is the most beautiful part of the process. There are some real magicians in the gang and we are so grateful.

How did you find working together to create the works?  
GB: I hope we continue to work together for the rest of our lives. I learnt a lot about myself.
SW: We’ve been super lucky to have the support of Tournament Group and have this incredible space to make work together. We love it. It’s the most incredible opportunity to be able to share a space that is entirely for this- what we both love: art. Turns out we are a great team!

What was the process like — would you outline and discuss beforehand, or work organically? 
GB: Boy do we talk, laugh, debate, discuss. Call it what you like, we have to have a talking spoon.
SW: Ha! Yeah, we spend all of our time in some sort of theoretical debate. It’s the best. There is a fair bit left on the cutting room floor and plenty left in the tank. We definitely enjoy it.


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