Must See: Nocturnal Animals

We're counting down until the release of the next feature film from the fashion designer cum auteur.

It would seem that Tom Ford is a man who values quality over quantity. Seven years after the fashion designer cum auteur’s outstanding directorial debut, A Single Man, he’s back with another opulent screen piece featuring an impeccable cast and a captivating storyline. Nocturnal Animals follows the intense tale of an art gallery owner Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) who begins receiving mysterious manuscripts from her ex-husband Tony Hastings (Jake Gyllenhaal) —  a violent thriller she interprets as being a dark revenge story harking back to her past.

While the film unfolds just as a typical revenge story would, an undercurrent of true love and what it makes you do when your heart is broken emerges as the film’s true theme. Compelling support roles played by Laura Linney, Michael Shannon, Arnie Hammer and the bewitching Aaron Taylor-Johnson, have undoubtedly helped earn this intoxicating screen piece the rave reviews it was met with at the Venice Film Festival and subsequent chatter about its Oscar potential. Having already earnt the Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize, it would seem that Ford’s coercive second feature film is well worth our time. 

R16 and contains violence, sexual violence, offensive language and nudity.


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