Expedition Earth: This could possibly be the ultimate global road trip

With a shared appetite for adventure, Christopher Richwhite and Bridget Thackwray have already traversed and explored the length and breadth of our own country, documenting their conquests via a visual feast of epic imagery.

A quest for new discoveries and new scenery has seen them now embark on a global adventure — one they’re calling Expedition Earth. Starting in Deadhorse, Alaska (what is technically the Arctic Circle) only a few days ago, they will cover approximately 350,000km, more than 70 countries, and six continents over the course of two-plus years, all in their trusty Jeep they’ve named Gunther.

With an objective of broadening their horizons and educating themselves on the environmental risks Mother Earth is facing, the pair will document their travels on Facebook and Instagram so that the rest of us can share in their discoveries and learn a thing or two about the fragility of our planet.

As their journey gains momentum the pair will collaborate with charities, organisations, credible influencers and companies with aligned visions.

Follow them on @expeditionearth.live and keep an eye out for our exclusive Denizen coverage of their epic global journey.


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