Exhibition: Rebecca Baumann

Subject yourself to an expression of colour and mechanics at Once More With Feeling.

Art isn’t always a joyous affair, but it seems that Perth-based artist Rebecca Baumann has no qualms in giving her subject a celebratory sentiment. Currently exhibiting at the Starkwhite gallery, her latest exhibition Once More With Feeling showcases her characteristically colourful artwork including the ever-integral element of surprise mechanics.

In a melange of intense colour, motion and curious puzzles, one is unwittingly subjected to something that is both emotional and experiential when observing Baumann’s work. Both mesmerising and miraculous, the current exhibition features a new installation that has been forged from a repurposed trivision billboard that projects a kaleidoscopic light show via rotating prisms of iridescent acrylic. The spectacular piece permeates the entirety of the room space in an interplay between the natural and manufactured that is reminiscent of a rainbow.

With her practice spanning a range of media including kinetic sculpture, photography, performance, digital animation and installation, Baumann’s festive work is sure to bring an element of joy to your quotidian outlook.

The exhibition has now finished.


510 Karangahape Road

(09) 307 0703



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