Exhibition: Paintings of the Sun

Be inspired by the artworks of this painter turned amateur radio astronomer.

As some may have noticed while strolling up to the Kingsland cafes or hiking it home after a night out, there’s a conspicuous pop up on New North Road where the glass street-facing wall allows passers-by a window into local artist – turned amateur radio astronomer – Simon Ingram’s intriguing work. The mysterious space has been converted into a ‘Radio Painting Station’ with Ingram constructing a pyramid-like form to point through the ceiling’s skylight and collect energy at the frequency of 1420 megahertz, which when coupled with a special radio receiver and his masterful machine, creates art.

To put it simply, Ingram’s using the energy emitted by the sun and the interstellar medium to create concentrically circular compositions that possess a cartoon-like aesthetic. The energy-inducing project, which occupies JAR’s – a small not-for-profit initiative supporting strong, singular art by making it publically visible – first pop up home, has been in operation since the 4th of November and will be completed on April 28th. Departing its off-the-grid project space for its debut formal exhibition, the collection of thirty paintings, each 850mm x 850mm, will be on display at Gow Langsford Gallery from the 29th of April, with all of the works available for sale. And for those compelled by the inner-workings of these powerful pieces, a 152 page beautifully curated monograph – which delves into the intricacies of Ingram’s unconventional approach to painting – will also be available at the exhibition.

The exhibition has now finished.

Gow Langsford

26 Lorne Street
Auckland CBD

(09) 303 4290



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