Exhibition: Art in the Dark

Setting Western Park aglow, this brief but brilliant showcase will lure all ages into the shadows.

Your mother may have warned you about the creatures of the night, but as soon as the sun sets from November 13th to 17th, Ponsonby’s Western Park will become a beacon for all those who seek astonishing sightings of the illuminated variety. Returning for its fifth year in action to a deafening encore, Art in the Dark is set to transform the otherwise under-used park into a brightly lit hub of charmingly interactive installations and awe-inspiring traditional sculptures.

Posing a sustainable viewpoint and a testament to our No. 8 wire culture, this year’s Out Of Nothing theme will see a plethora of artistic interpretations utilising finite renewable resources to bring the glowing visions to life. The non-linear theme will also be responsible for the unleashing of some seriously mind-blowing out-of-the-box ideas, demonstrating the palpable innovative energy that first gave birth to this arresting outdoor exhibition.

From Craig Neilson and Reza Fuad’s conjured ‘out of nothing’ Square – a cubic window to a world of seemingly infinite proportions, to the science community’s Microbiologist and bioluminescence enthusiast Dr Siouxsie Wiles’ collaboration with Rebecca Klee that lets audiences influence when and how intensely bacteria glow, the intriguing collection of installations will reveal themselves, appearing and disappearing, offering audiences a chance to see Western Park, and art, in a whole new light.

The exhibition has now finished.

Art in the Dark

Western Park
5-7 Ponsonby Road



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