Edible art? This local creative is whipping up some of the tastiest works in town

When I was little, my parents were pretty adamant that when it came to meal times, I was not to play with my food. Chiding me for my mashed potato sculptures and my Rothko-inspired ketchup creations, my culinary creativity was firmly quashed. Hazel Zakariya must not have had any such restrictions. Because her incredible smoothie bowl art proves exactly what there is to be gained from getting stuck in and mucking about with your meals.

A series that looks good, tastes good and has the added bonus of actually being good for you, the magnificent masterpieces have already captured attention across the globe. A rather specific talent, she makes them by first whipping up a delicious smoothie base and then ‘painting’ on the artworks using just a few common kitchen tools (we hear wooden skewers come in rather handy). Completely edible using all-natural ingredients like fresh fruit, vegetables, coconut milk, matcha, turmeric, charcoal and the like, they are remarkably clever concoctions. Taking inspiration from all avenues, her Instagram account is crowded with tributes to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, La La Land, nature and an exceptional portrait of Breaking Bad’s Walter White. A delicious way to indulge the creative side, you can check them all out, here.


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