Introducing the A new breed of urban transport

This new breed of urban transport is offering a clean, green and style-saving kind of commute.

If you haven’t already noticed, e.bikes are undoubtedly gaining traction as a mode of transport for urbanites on the go. Having undergone some serious technological advancements, the latest generation electric bicycles have been finessed into some ultra-smart breeds giving rise to the trend of taking to the streets on two wheels. With Auckland’s increasing urban density and incessant car commuting woes, the argument for getting away from behind the (steering) wheel and onto an is becoming more and more pertinent for forward-thinking, style-conscious urbanites.

Arguably, one of the biggest advantages to the movement is the fact that you really don’t have to sacrifice style at all. Not only are dresses, skirts and heels completely appropriate (likewise, a business suit) but the multitude of customisation options means there’s an for everyone. By opting to turn the motor on at any given time (especially when faced with a steep incline), you’ll forego havin g to mop your brow upon entry to the bureau while renouncing the tiresome efforts of constantly running a car. Fair to say, the benefits are many and don’t stop short of doing your bit for the environment either.

What’s more, this clean, green and renewable way of getting around, comes in at approximately a very modest 10 cents per 100kms. So with the prospect of freedom in your sights — think zipping down bus lanes while you leave gridlocked comrades and wafts of eau de parfum in your wake — and companies like Mercury getting on board to incentivise those who opt to ride an, consider it your civil responsibility, nay, your duty, to do your part.

This competition has now closed. We regret to advise that an incorrect competition close date was published in the Spring 2016 issue of Denizen Magazine. We sincerely apologise for this oversight. We will be sure to keep you informed of any future EBike promotions.


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