‘Die with Me’ is the app you didn’t know you needed

Does the prospect of dying alone keep you awake at night? Us too. Which is why we were overjoyed to meet an app that allows us to die over and over again with someone always (metaphorically) by our side. We’re talking about one’s beloved cell phone of course. You’ll know it well — that period of one’s life when you’re hovering below 10 percent battery life, perhaps five, or even more ominously, one percent. The blackness is coming, at any moment.

Die with Me is a genius app that can that can only be used for chatting when your phone and your ‘friend’s’ phone is below 5 percent battery. Described as an ‘art project’ by its co-creator, the app opens up a way to deal with tech addicts, by offering them only a small window to use the programme. Providing a silver lining for when the end is near, especially in those old phones that just don’t have much to give, who knows who you meet during your last gasps of breath?

To download the app, click here

Image credit: Tech Crunch


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