Prepare to be dazzled: Denizen’s summer issue has officially hit the shelves

In preparation for a long, hot, antipodean summer ahead, here at Denizen, we have amassed a consummate guide to see you through the dog days. Within the new issue, you’ll find everything you need to survive Christmas in style including an array of ideas from both our exceptional ‘Christmas Gift Guide’ (if you’ve been good) or our ‘Extreme Gifting’ section (if you’ve been really good).

The volume also debuts our inaugural ‘Denizen Summer Lit’ section, a collection of fictional pieces that surmise summer at its most quintessential. Brimming with tidbits on the upcoming polo season, what we know about the America’s Cup challenge so far, a sartorial guide to the festive period and how to best prep for it, you can finish it all off by finding ample inspiration in our 2018 ‘Bucket List’ of trending destinations to add to your travel agenda.

So park up, lather yourself in some high-quality SPF, sit back, and enjoy. For this, our dear friends, is going to be summer at its finest.

The summer 2017 issue of Denizen is on sale now. Pick up your copy from any good newsagent today, or, click here to subscribe.


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