A brief introduction to ‘it girl’ artist Christiane Spangsberg

“Some share their feelings and thoughts by writing or playing music. I draw,” says Danish artist Christiane Spangsberg when interviewed by Vogue Australia. The Copenhagen-based creative has become a favourite of the international fashion set, who is enamoured by the aesthetic of her Picasso-like profile drawings. At just 28-years-old, she is self-effacing, reluctant to refer to herself as a bona fide artist. However, it’s a title that is hard to deny when she has been approached to partake in a medley of collaborations with the likes of candle manufacturer Maison Balzac, Australian publication Unconditional and swim line Matteau. Moreover, Sydney’s famous Paddington Inn is entirely decked out with her work after a recent renovation (pictured above). Finding inspiration from ancient statues, photography, psychology, architecture, museums and everyday life, she relies heavily on her intuition to create the Fauvist-inspired visages that are often completed without lifting pen (or charcoal) from paper.


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