Check out this amazing campaign that was shot underwater

Ecoya is a brand we unfailingly turn to in the name of transforming our homes into ambient oases. But its latest release is one to hit our sense of sight before it does our sense of smell. The luscious brand has employed none other than emerging New Zealand artist Georgie Malyon to direct their latest campaign for their limited edition winter fragrances.

Having been a florist for 10 years, Malyon herself fashioned the botanical installations that are quickly becoming her hallmark. The show-stealing aspect of this campaign, however, is the fact that it was built and photographed underwater using traditional techniques that involve dropping paint into water.

The opportunity to capture the paint’s dissipation is fleeting, but when executed as artfully as it has been here, it perfectly depicts the concept of a candle’s smell enveloping the space.

Ecoya’s limited edition Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf and Crisp Aqua & Tiare Flower candles will be available on 6th February. 


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