Barking Mad

Technology that promises to interpret your four-legged friend’s barks into human speech.

Welcome to the future. A place where, using the wizard technology of No More Woof, canines can woof, growl and whine and you can listen in, translating their doggy brainwaves into proper human speech.

The ambitious project, kickstarted by the Scandinavian Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, aims to reveal what dogs are thinking. Using a headset powered by Raspberry Pi sensors, brainwave patterns are detected and niftily translated into the human speech equivalents, then made audible through a speaker.

By no means a finished product, the pioneering gadget is currently in fundraising stage in order to carry out further development, and there are plans to emit your pup’s thoughts via a variety of different voices, translating into English as well as French, Mandarin and even Spanish. Fido better have nice things to say, or he’s in the dog box.

Visit the No More Woof website here.


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