Andrew J Steel creates an epic mural to celebrate Nespresso’s new capsules

After all, coffee and art do go so well together. 

November is here, which means one thing and one thing only: the Christmas madness begins. But before the unbridled hysteria sets in, Nespresso is celebrating the season in a subtle kind of way with the release of its special Christmas capsule collection, aka the Festive Variations Confetto Collection.

The capsules themselves comprise three new flavours; coconuts, vanilla pods and palm trees imbue Confetto Snowball’s yummy sweet notes; orange peel and jugs of juice depict the bittersweet orange and chocolate-inspired aromas in Confetto Orangette, while liquorice allsorts and spices underly the unique flavour of Confetto Licorice. 

It’s pure nostalgic yumminess. The old school bonbons and childhood memories that have inspired the flavours are what have, in turn, inspired a mural by Andrew J Steel. To mark the occasion, Nespresso commissioned the Auckland-based artist, renowned for his playful style of street art, to reveal the artwork alongside the highly anticipated Christmas coffee collection. After all, coffee and art do go so well together. 

Andrew J Steel in front of his one-off mural for Nespresso

Above, you can watch a stop motion edit of the mural-making process. The time-intensive illustrations — which involved Steel walking a total of 12 kilometres from start to finish as he moved in and out of shot with each individual pen marking — were captured by content producer Matt Queree. More than 6,500 still images were taken and have been used to create a time-lapse video which was released via Nespresso and Andrew’s social media channels today.

Nespresso’s exclusive Festive Variations Confetto Collection is now available at or at Nespresso Boutiques.


22-32 Queen St
Auckland CBD

0800 234 579


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