6 albums to put on your summer listening list

Do you remember when we would sit and listen to an album, in its entirety? Living in an age of cheap downloads and Spotify playlists has made the act of listening to an album from beginning to end almost defunct, but we suggest we resurrect the ancient practice. Music hasn’t got any worse (they just rarely play the good stuff on the radio), and there are albums out there where every song is worth a listen to — these six, for example.

FKA Twigz — Magdalene
With contributions from Future, Skrillex, Benny Bianco and more, Twigz brings forth the off-kilter Magdalene, a distinctly seductive affair about sexuality and her experiences as a woman.

Coldplay —Everyday Life
A double album split into two halves ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’, Coldplay’s heartfelt return from musical hibernation is lush ballad central, with much of Martin’s applauded signature piano sound.

Kanye West —Jesus Is Born
Penned to drop on Christmas Day, Kanye’s second release this year, a Sunday Service homage, is rumoured to be a reimagining of Christianity via either studio tracks or live gospel performances. 

The Who —Who
The band’s first album in 13 years is culturally on point, packing powerhouse tracks on everything from the Grenfell Tower and reincarnation to what it’s really like to be an ageing rock star.

Charli XCX —Charli
Synthetic, shiny and relentlessly positive, Charli — a feature-stuffed (Lizzo, Troye Sivan) sizzler — is yet another example of how the UK songstress has mastered an entirely unique strain of pop. 

Yungblud —The Underrated Youth 
Dominic Harrison, young King of the alternative music scene, brings ska-flecked pop-punk tunes laced with his trademark boldness. Expect blunt truths and further lack of regard for outdated stereotypes.


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