A night at Cinema Peroni

Naturally, we Denizens never let a little drizzle dampen our spirits. This maxim held true last night when we gathered a stellar posse of friends and family for another stand-out evening at Cinema Peroni. Not deterred by the ominous precipitation, our ever-generous host, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, laid down a blue carpet and welcomed all and sundry into the cordoned-off area of Britomart’s Takutai Square. Having quaffed a few cold brewskies and delightful Peroni Spritz cocktails, the crowd was invited to install themselves in front of the open-air screen and subject themselves to the magnificent Paolo Sorrentino-directed The Great Beauty. Satiated by a three-course dinner from neighbouring restaurant Amano, and with our every whim catered to, there’s no wondering as to why we deem Cinema Peroni one of our favourite events on the summer calendar.


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