Thought you were using emojis correctly? Think again

In the fraught world of emojis, you can almost always be sure that what you’re saying isn’t what you think you’re saying. In light of as much, we’ve devised a guide to deciphering today’s ubiquitous iconographic language.

What we think it means: 
Giving thanks/praying
What it really means: Thank God It’s Friday

What we think it means: 
What it really means: I’ve just had my lips filled

What we think it means: An aubergine
What it really means: A penis

Baby Symbol on Apple iOS 10.2
What we think it means: A crawling baby
What it really means: I’m awfully hungover

What we think it means: A top hat
What it really means: We used a condom

What we think it means: Splashing sweat
What it really means: Exciting times!

What we think it means: Gotta run
What it really means: I had Mexican for lunch

What we think it means: Somone running
What it really means: There’s a sale on Net-a-Porter

What we think it means:
Shooting star
What it really means: I’m five shots deep in tequila

What we think it means: 
Sand timer
What it really means: Have you thought about freezing your eggs?


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